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The Best Experiences Begin with Excellent Service... 

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Serving Staff Details

Catering Staff will work with all vendors and planners to ensure outstanding service. Serving staff responsibilities are:

  • Setting up events which may include table linen, placement settings, building food stations/displays/buffets, beverages, and serving guests

  • Keep glasses filled, remove round of plates, and manicure the table

  • Perform cleaning task and break down in accordance with venue checklist


Full Service Events

Depending on the nature and timeline of your even, additional staff may be required to execute your event, to ensure excellent service is provided.

  • Servers - Buffet - 1 server per 25 guests/ Platted Dinner 1 server per 15 guest

  • Bartender - 1 bartender per 50 guests

  • Culinary - Buffet - 1 culinary per 75 guests - Platted Meals - 2 culinary per 50 guests

  • Event Manager – 1 per 100 guests


Service Staff Rates:

  • Servers $18hr.

  • Bartenders $20hr.

  • Culinary $22hr.

  • Event Manager $25hr.


Billing Details:

  • Food = (number of guests x package price) =

  • Beverages (number of guests x quantity price) =

  • Labor (total staff needed x hr. x pay rate) =

  • Production Fee (10% of food and beverage total) =

  • Travel Fee (if more than 20 miles) =

  • Rentals (if needed) =

  • Subtotal =

  • Food/Beverage Taxes 8.75% =

  • Grand Total =

Travel Fee - If your event takes place more than 20 miles from Quizine Orleans, a fee of $1.75 per mile will be added to the total costs to cover gas and mileage.

Production Fee - This charge covers the dinner essentials to serve food - disposable trays, beverage napkins, serving apps, serving platter and display-ware, chafers, food warming and rental cooking equipment, etc.


There is no Service Charge billed to your event; gratuity is accepted and is given voluntarily at the discretion of client for services preformed. This is TIPS for your serving staff.

T – To
I – Insure/ensure
P – Proper/ Prompt

S – Services

All taxes and service charges subject to change and will be charged in accordance with the state and local tax rates based on the date of your event.

Thank you for considering us for your catering event. We are super excited and look forward to working with you. Please give us a call today to start building your menu and to select the right number of staff to ensure you have an amazing event.

Buffet Style

Service is our specialty.

Quizine Orleans is dedicated to providing exceptional service, making any experience unforgettable!

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