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Meet the Founders


   Quizine Orleans was created by me, Crystal and my husband Richard. Growing up in New Orleans, I was always surrounded by southern hospitality, good food, and home cooking. Richard and I relocated to Raleigh and wanted to bring the Big Easy with us. My mom and I have been cooking in the kitchen together since I was little, and people who were native to Raleigh loved her food. They would go crazy about the different dishes such as Jambalaya, Cajun Dirty Rice, Gumbo, and especially her Fried Chicken.

        I have a deep passion and love for cooking. I enjoy the excitement of people feeling good, having fun, enjoying great food and drinks. I was my mom's help in the kitchen, which gave me an opportunity to learn the way she cooked. She says “you can always tell when someone really wants to cook or if they are just throwing something together”. Meaning you have to put your heart in it!

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